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More than a place to work.
A place to grow and belong.


It All Began in 2014

Lifeworks OT has been making a difference in our clients’ lives for 8 wonderful years. We started small with just one OT, offering mental health and pain management services where we saw a need in the community. Today, we’re proud to be a leading private practice dedicated to mental health and pain management, and most importantly, taking care of our therapists.

We believe in matching each therapist’s skills and interests with a caseload that’s not only inspiring, but also rewarding. This leads to high levels of satisfaction and growth, both professionally and personally. Our goal is to help people with mental health and persistent pain conditions, and other complex disabilities, live their best life possible. Our OTs specialise in mental health, persistent pain/fatigue, functional neurological disorders, and connective tissue disorders, and we’re always striving to improve our skills in these areas.

Our values of respect, integrity, and collaboration drive us to provide a quality service to our clients, with individualised care at the forefront. If this sounds like a mission you’d like to be a part of, you might be just the right fit for us.

Our vision is to be an industry leader in providing quality occupational therapy services in our niche areas of practice, accessible to all in Australia. If you’re eager to help us achieve this goal, we’d love for you to keep reading.


Where Compassion Meets Expertise

Lifeworks Occupational Therapy is on the lookout for kind and compassionate Occupational Therapists to join our team, either as a full-time employee or a part-time independent contractor. We are a mental health and pain management private practice that is dedicated to making a positive impact in our clients’ lives, and we believe that starts with taking care of our therapists.

We’re all about supporting our team members and helping them reach their full potential. That’s why we’ve created a supportive and empowering Career Progression Pathway, allowing you to grow as a clinician, try out different roles, and even step into leadership positions if that’s your goal. We’re here to cheer you on every step of the way and help you achieve success in your career in the exciting field of occupational therapy!

We also understand that working in mental health can be challenging, which is why we have put in place a burnout prevention program to ensure that our therapists have a manageable workload and the support they need to thrive. Whether you’re a new graduate or an experienced therapist, we have opportunities for you to grow and develop, both professionally and personally.


We've Got Your Back

Awesome Admin Team

Amazing administrative support to make your life easier

Top Class Supervision

Free individual and peer supervision to keep you on track

Internal & Funded CPD

An array of internal continuing professional development opportunities, paid study leave, and a CPD budget to support your growth

Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible working arrangements, including working from home options, to help you achieve work/life balance

Safe & Supportive Work Culture

A supportive team culture and a psychologically safe work environment to keep you motivated and engaged

Work With Ideal Clients

Established referral pathways and the chance to attract the clients you want to work with


We currently do not have any open job vacancies, however, if you are interested in being considered for any future opportunities, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Why Lifeworks is Your Ideal Workplace:

  • Structured Career Growth: Embark on our Career Progression Pathway for a chance to evolve as a clinician, explore diverse roles, and step into leadership positions.
  • Graduated competencies and KPI’s for new graduates, with a focus on foundation skill development without the pressure of meeting unrealistic targets.
  • Empowering Supervision: Benefit from our comprehensive supervision program, including 1:1 professional supervision, team peer supervision, and specialised new graduate group supervision.
  • Learning and Development: Enjoy a culture of continuous learning with internal CPD opportunities, paid study leave, and a personal CPD budget.
  • Flexibility and Harmony: We support work/life balance with flexible working options, including hybrid and remote working possibilities..
  • A Nurturing Team Culture: Thrive in our psychologically safe and supportive team environment, fostering collaboration and personal growth.
  • Client-Centred Practice: With established referral pathways, attract and work with clients that align with your professional interests.

What We Value About You:

  • Team Collaboration: Share resources and knowledge within a collaborative team setting.
  • Ownership and Responsibility: Take ownership of yourself and your decisions, recognise opportunities for learning.
  • Organisational Skills: Take charge of your work with effective organisational and time management skills.
  • Continuous Development: A desire to pursue both professional and personal development.
  • Passion for Occupational Therapy: A genuine commitment to enhancing client well-being through OT.
  • Interest in Mental Health: Motivation to engage in developing mental health skills, which will be an excellent grounding for any OT path you might take.

Our Promise to You:

  • Competitive remuneration
  • A varied and engaging caseload
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • Strong focus on mental health foundational skills
  • Outstanding administrative support

Join Lifeworks and Develop Your OT Strengths with safety and support!

If you embody these qualities and are eager for your next career step, we’d love to welcome you aboard. Apply now and be part of a workplace where your satisfaction and professional growth are our top priorities.

Ready to Make a Difference? Apply Today!

For more information, or to apply,, contact Heidi Perera @[email protected] or go to

About the Career Path

Lifeworks Occupational Therapy offers a structured Career Progression Pathway to ensure you can continue to grow as a clinician, have role diversity and move into leadership and management roles should you wish to. You will have the opportunity to actively progress your career within the industry and field.

About Us

Lifeworks Occupational Therapy is a well-established business, now in its 8th year. We began with one OT, offering private occupational therapy services in the areas of mental health and persistent pain, as we could see a significant gap in the services available in the community. As we have grown, we have considered each individual occupational therapist’s skill set and areas of interest, and worked to build them a caseload that is interesting, inspiring and rewarding, leading to high levels of professional satisfaction, and personal and professional growth and development.

We believe that everyone deserves to live a good life. Lifeworks Occupational Therapy exists to enable people with mental health and persistent pain conditions and other complex disabilities to move forward with confidence, and overcome barriers, so they can live their best possible life. The OTs at Lifeworks OT work with people across the lifespan, predominantly in the niche areas of mental health, persistent pain/fatigue, functional neurological disorders and connective tissue disorders. We work to develop high level skills in these specific areas of practice. We also provide external clinical supervision and training to other occupational therapists practicing in these areas. We value respect and integrity and provide a quality service to our clients, built on the firm foundations of collaboration, innovation and individualised care. If this sounds good to you, you would be a great fit.

Lifeworks OT’s goal is to enable people to participate in the areas of life that are important to them, and achieve an optimal quality of life, through occupational therapy. Ultimately, our vision is to be an industry leader in the provision and promotion of quality occupational therapy services in our niche area of practice, accessible to all people living in Australia. If you want to play a part in achieving this, then we encourage you to read on.


Team Testimonials
We have regular discussion with our team around why they love working with us and how we can work on consistently improving as a practice and team. Below is some feedback from some of our team members:

“We work in a warm and friendly environment with a collaborative team of people who are always willing to help one another”.

Peta Delany
Practice Manager

“Working at Lifeworks has made me passionate about occupational therapy again!”

-Heidi Perera
Principal Occupational Therapist 

“What I love about working at LWOT is the strong culture in learning, caring and sharing. Regardless of their roles, everyone is passionate and enthusiastic about they do and is always willing to support one another. From Day 1, I was heard and trusted from, and my ideas are valued. I am grateful to be part of a team comprising of very kind and capable individuals.”

-Ian Cheok
Principal Occupational Therapist

“Lifeworks OT is a flexible, friendly, and accepting workplace, where everyone is respected and appreciated. Our team is always quick to offer support and assistance for any tricky situations, and I love the focus that Lifeworks OT has regarding building knowledge and growing in our profession, and then facilitating opportunities for this to occur.”

-Rachel Scales
Occupational Therapist

“After having a break from working as an Occupational Therapist, I was very keen to find a workplace that was flexible and accommodating to my employment needs. Lifeworks OT was super helpful in supporting me with the re-registration process with AHPRA. They promote a work life balance and this has helped me to work and live closer to my values.”

-Tamsin Pagett
Senior Occupational Therapist

“What I love about Lifeworks Occupational Therapy is how different an organisation it is to everyone else. There is great flexibility, everyone values your input, they are passionate about promoting occupational therapy in mental health, and the team culture is second to none. I have had the opportunities to grow, and have felt incredibly supported since joining the team.”

-Holly Mynott
Senior Occupational Therapist

“I have really enjoyed working at Lifeworks OT for the past 6 years and watching the practice grow to what it is today! It has grown into a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, passionate OTs who are assisting people living with mental health and other chronic health conditions to make some amazing changes and live their best life. Lifeworks offers a supportive, collaborative work environment that facilitates professional growth and development whilst also allowing autonomy and flexibility to practice in areas of particular interest. Would thoroughly recommend joining the team!”

-Elyse Graham
Principal Occupational Therapist


Our Head Office is located in the leafy suburb of Mount Lawley that is centrally located in beautiful Perth WA. We have additional locations in Joondalup in the North, Bibra Lake in the South, and Midland in the East. Our locations offer easy access for staff and clients, and all have free parking available and easy public transport access. You can have the option to work from whichever clinic location is closest to home for you, and/or, to work from home (home visiting/telehealth only). A large proportion of our work is done in the client’s home, enabling us to get out of the office and enjoy immersing ourselves in the community. Some of our clients come from further afar in Western Australia and even interstate, so we also offer services via telehealth. These numerous methods of service delivery make for an interesting and varied day.

See here for a video tour of our Mount Lawley Clinic.

What to do next?

See here for a message from our Director, Jacintha Bell

For relevant Position Descriptions or more information, please contact Peta Delaney, our Practice Manager at [email protected] Apply right now by sending us your Resume and a Cover Letter setting out why you would like to be a part of our team


What are you waiting for?
Unleash your OT Superpowers now!

At Lifeworks, we want you to come to work feeling positive and satisfied, knowing that you’re part of a team that is making a real difference. If this sounds like the kind of work environment you want to be a part of, we’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re a new graduate or an experienced therapist, we have opportunities available.

Unleash your OT superpowers and join our dynamic team of therapists! We’ve got opportunities for both newbies and seasoned pros to build lasting relationships with clients and make a real impact. Come be a part of our diverse and driven team today!

To apply, simply complete the form below or email [email protected]

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