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Embracing Innovation: Lifeworks OT’s Utilization of Virtual Reality Technology in Occupational Therapy

Lifeworks OT values our innovative approach when it comes to solving problems and overcoming barriers. The team at Lifeworks OT are constantly striving to incorporate and leverage the advancements in technology to provide the best possible care and outcomes to our clients.

Occupational Therapists can draw upon a person’s values and beliefs, their engagement in activity, their social network, or even the virtual environments in which so many of our lives unfold. Lifeworks OT’s use of advancements in technology allows us to provide a unique and innovative service delivery for our clients.

Virtual reality is an emerging technology that allows an individual to be completely immersed in a virtual environment. Virtual reality benefits clients through removing a lot of the barriers for them to engage in activities that they find meaningful, creates an escape from their reality to assist psychosocial symptom management, can provide a novel and engaging way to incorporate movement into their lives, and allows clients to address their fears and anxieties in a safe space.

Lifeworks OT is utilizing virtual reality technology to assist clients to develop their skills in the following areas: Relaxation/Mindfulness, emotional and distress tolerance, enhanced interception and embodiment, management of chronic pain, and stress and anxiety management.

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