Functional assessment and reports

Functional Assessments are a core skill for occupational therapists. A functional assessment is an assessment of your ability to perform the tasks and activities that are important to you in your everyday life. We assess the barriers to you being able to perform these tasks, and what might enable you to be able to perform these tasks more independently. Everyday tasks include things such as showering, dressing, cooking, eating, driving, talking on the telephone and many more. It often involves a minimum of 3 hours of assessment time, as well as 1 hour to complete a formal written report. A thorough functional assessment may take more than 10 hours to complete. The assessment may include discussion, pen and paper activities and observation, and are often conducted in your home and community. If you have a health condition or disability and are applying for the Disability Support Pension through Centrelink, or for funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), an occupational therapy functional report can assist your application by highlighting the functional impact of your health condition. At Lifeworks Occupational Therapy, we tailor these reports specifically depending on the organisation you are applying to, as each organisation requires slightly different information. Functional assessments are valuable to conduct at the commencement of treatment, to help establish a baseline of you function, and to guide goal setting and treatment planning. If you are a participant in the NDIS, an occupational therapy functional assessment can often be a core aspect of your initial plan.
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