NDIS and Psychosocial disability

The term “psycho-social disability” is used within the NDIS to describe a disability that arises from a mental health issue. Not everyone with a mental health condition will experience a psychosocial disability. Those who do have a psychosocial disability will find that their condition will have a longstanding and significant impact on their ability to function, and can impact upon recovery. If you have a psycho-social disability you may be eligible for funding and supports through the NDIS. For more information on this, please visit¬†https://www.ndis.gov.au/understanding/how-ndis-works/mental-health-and-ndis

Our occupational therapists are able to provide functional assessments and reports for people with a psycho-social disability who are attempting to access NDIS funding. We also provide functional assessments, recommendations, provision of assistive technology and skills training to those who already have NDIS funding, and require these services as part of their capacity building supports. We do provide these services for people with other forms of disability (such as a physical disability), however psycho-social disability is our area of special interest. For more information on this service, please visit our Functional Assessment and Reports section.