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Holly is a qualified and registered occupational therapist who graduated from Curtin University in 2017.

Since graduating, she has worked in both residential and community settings with the last three years spent working with a variety of NDIS participants of all different backgrounds, ages, and abilities.

In addition to this, she has over eight years of experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults living with a disability including people on the autism spectrum, young adults with an intellectual disability, and people who are deaf or hard of hearing. As a person who has experience living with hearing loss and a chronic illness and is a participant of the NDIS, Holly is extremely passionate about enabling and empowering people to live their best life.

When she isn’t working as an OT, you’ll either find her somewhere in Perth swing dancing or relaxing on the couch watching DIY videos (but never actually doing any DIYs…)

Bachelors of Science (Occupational Therapy), Curtin University

Special Interests:
Emotional regulation, sensory processing and modulation, autism, intellectual disabilities and mental health, young adults, hearing loss

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