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Staying Steady

Steadiness to navigate professional and personal challenges in a world where fragility seems so obvious at present – in the context of political instability, climate change and technological “threat”. Sturdiness, to enable us to nourish and support each other – especially the generations to come. 

For many, Occupational Therapy is about returning to work, succeeding at school or learning how to use assistive device’s that will help achievement. In reality, OT’s see occupation as whatever we choose to spend our time doing – and being. OT’s combine this broad definition of “occupation” with believing that the “doing” needs to have significant meaning and value – for the person “doing it”. 

Occupational Therapists are interested in all the domains of life – physical, psychological, social, emotional, spiritual. This gives rise to an approach that is client focussed, and a way of working that values each client, their “others” and the environment they live, work, sleep and play in. 

In a world that is often fast paced and seems to value fame and fortune over humankind, we can feel disconnected and devalued – especially people with chronic conditions and poor health. Lifeworks Occupational Therapists work with those referred to clarify what is important to them, how to be involved in meaningful activity and how to experience a sense of connection. 

Lifeworks OT believes…….Our world needs this!

Julie Morriss is a seasoned Occupational Therapist, having dedicated many years to her practice, particularly in the realm of Mental Health with individuals of all age groups. Her early career was spent with the WA Health Service, where she honed her skills in case management, CBT, and solution-focused therapies. After stepping back for family time and further study, she returned to work with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, contributing significantly to the development of day programs assisting the transition from hospital to community. Julie prides herself on her holistic approach to complex conditions and has recent experience working in the culturally diverse Pilbara community in WA. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy from Curtin University. Outside of work, Julie finds solace in gardening, kayaking, yoga, and spending precious time with her family and pets.

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